Crypto tokens are still new to many investors. The lack of familiarity and high volatility can be intimidating. The purpose of having the value, stability, and security of Insurance Instruments behind the AIR777 Stablecoin is to insulate the investor from the volatility seen in other crypto instruments. The AIR777 Stablecoin is linked to the Great British Pound, a stable dollar-independent currency. Investing in a Crypto-MTN Backed by Insured Assets. The Black Air 777 Platform allows you access to a safe and supportive all in one Trading environment with guidance from some of the markets best Cryptocurrency, STO, Securities and Private Placements Trading Experts Paymaster account and Escrow Insurance cover up to GBP £5,000,000,000. Secure FIAT/Crypto wallets and trading accounts for wealth management & asset management.

The Team

Marty Black has worked in the financial sector at central & government level of behalf of UK & USA government, Mr. Black's expertise is in financial engineering creating funding for specific projects in veering global regions utilizing his expertise in bank instruments & insurance products backed by proven results, Mr. Black currently holds various lines of credit from numerous banks globally. Mr. Black is experienced in setting up special purpose vehicles to enable funding to be released into situations that may or may not conform to conventional bank borrowing, due to the sensitivity of these funding vehicles these projects are never advertised or promoted within the normal realms of business. Over the past 29 years, Marty Black worked with precious metals and stones, crude oil and the debt market. He has funded projects using insured assets and securities trading through his companies in Switzerland, Luxembourg, New York, Moscow and London. After the crash in 2008 worked more in aviation since 2002 have been flying helicopters and what become a passion for flying ended up being a business raging from tendering the M.O.D, and American defense Agency. Currently working between the two companies BLACK AIR 777 Ltd is setting up private Health care and Medevac (HEMS air hospital transfers of patients and blood) and setting up facilities in Germany, Croatia and Perranporth my aviation company will be positioned to carry out logistics to service medical care and fire fighting in the Baltic's BLACK AIR 777 Ltd has a share capital of GBP £145,000,000M and is 100% owned by Mr. Marty Black BLACKAIR 777 Group PLC is owned by Mr Marty Black and is currently working with Crypto-Currency and has issued the first GBP Securities token for GBP £20GBP Million pounds with a 30% coupon and insurance.

PAUL MATHIEU, Head of Research
Born in Belgium on August 19, 1943, Paul Mathieu graduated in Economics and Econometrics in Namur (Belgium) and Cambridge (UK, with Professor Richard Stone as Supervisor) and started working at end-June 1970 as Consultant to the Belgian Government. Initially focused on modernizing administrations and administrative processes, he was quickly brought into critically analyzing economic and monetary policies (firstly in Algeria in July 1973) and into designing and implementing economic reforms (in Congo, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Egypt, India, Turkey, Morocco, Nepal, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Tanzania, Central African Republic, Gabon, Cameroon, Chad, Jamaica, Albania and Jordan, to cite only a few of the corresponding beneficiary Governments). In a growing number of instances, Paul Mathieu turned to assisting Governments in mobilizing accessible financing of general or sector policies/reforms, in a great variety of fields: health, education, pensions, social security, water, agriculture, environment, public debt, budget processes, banking sector, competition, including reforming, when required, the corresponding regulatory authorities. As an example, it was stated by the Government of Jamaica that, between 2009 and 2014, Paul Mathieu mobilized for Jamaica an additional financing of more than Euro 250 million in grants, on top of all pre-existing financing agreements to the country's benefit. Similar amounts were among other mobilized for Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, India, Morocco and Nigeria through an increasingly strong emphasis on making potentially beneficiary Governments eligible to existing accessible financing, or on assisting them in regaining such eligibility after having occasionally lost it. Increasingly too, the additional financing mobilized by Paul Mathieu took the form of untargeted budget supports, providing funding to the general budget, thereby reducing the need to recourse to budget deficits and the related increase in public indebtedness.

THOMAS MCBEATH, Head Risk Management
Head of Risk Management and Insurance Professional, veteran of over 25 years, who has successfully parlayed his leadership, engineering and finance skills into proven record of accomplishments. Expertise of many years working with complex risk management.